$1 for every order that comes through here will be donated to White River health foundation

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About Us

Welcome to your White River Health System. We want to offer convenience and a special rate to you as a White River Health System Employee, Visitor and Patient offering a lower delivery fee.

We want to create value for our local restaurant partners. That being said, you will only see local restaurants on this platform. If you would like to request more restaurants, please, let us know! We will work to get that restaurant on board for you.

For faster delivery times, we encourage group orders as it will increase efficiency and it will benefit the drivers and the restaurants.

$20 minimum orders are recommended.

Your feedback is important for us to keep improving as a business, so leave a review, let us know how we are doing!

The Meals Now Team

Charity is an important part of the mission here at Meals Now. That’s why we donate $1 from EVERY order placed to White River Health Systems Foundation.
Now we can all do our part to help!


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